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OSMA Council Meeting Update

On July 25, 2020, the OSMA Council met via a virtual meeting. Many items of business were discussed, but those of interest to the Young Physician Section included a legislative update, communication/membership update, dispensation of the HOD items of business referred to Council, and an OSMA election update.

Legislative Update:

  • Activity at the Ohio Statehouse has been chaotic to say the least. Probably the biggest news is the inditement of Larry Householder, who was serving as the Speaker of the House, on racketeering charges. This sent the Ohio House into a spin, ultimately resulting in Mr. Householder being relieved of his duties as Speaker, and Bob Cupp being elected Speaker of the House. These events and the Senate in recess have essentially brought new legislation of a halt. The Focused Taskforce on State Legislation (FTFSL) continues its monthly meetings. With the House getting things back in order was hope to continue to lobby for passage of legislation to provide liability protection to physicians, businesses, and their staff from events of the COVID-19 pandemic.



Communication/Membership Update:

  • With the recent OSMA HOD meeting being virtual, there were some new challenges with creating OSMA policy. A process was created for online testimony and virtual reference committees. (Might need a sentence or so here about policy that was passed). Six items of business were referred to Council by the reference committees/passage of the consent calendar. Two additional items were extracted from the consent calendar, thus referring them to Council. Subcommittees have been formed for seven of the resolutions referred. Council decided to recommend following the reference committee recommendation of not-adopting Resolution 24 – Determination of Inpatient/Outpatient Hospital Status. The subcommittees will al report back to Council at the upcoming October meeting.


Dispensation of the HOD Items of Business Referred to Council

  • Each item has been assigned to a working group of Council Members and Staff.  These working groups will report back with their findings, recommendations and decisions in October. Stay tuned!

OSMA Election Results:

  • Lisa Egbert, MD (District 2) was elected President-Elect of our OSMA

  • Members of our section who were also elected:

    • John R. Corker, MD (YPS Chair) elected as OSMA Alternate Delegate to the AMA

    • Chris Paprzycki, MD (District 1) elected OSMA At-Large Councilor

    • Shannon Trotter, MD (District 2) re-elected OSMA At-Large Councilor

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