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  • What is OSMA and why does it have a YPS?
    The Ohio State Medical Association (OSMA) is an organization of Ohio physicians who want to help shape the dialogue around health care policy and advocacy in Ohio. OSMA members create and vote on resolutions to determine which health-related policies the OSMA will take to the Statehouse, often impacting laws and policies in Ohio. The OSMA also advises the legislature on the position of its members as it relates to health policy. Further, our OSMA strives to provide opportunities for education, physician leadership and member benefits that more than pay for your yearly dues. The Young Physician’s Section (YPS) strives to represent the voice of the younger generation of physicians at the OSMA, so that our needs, perspectives and expertise can be unified and elevated within the OSMA.
  • I (an OSMA member) have an area of expertise (infectious disease, gynecology, etc) that applies to a policy that is being discussed. How can I get involved and offer my input?"
    Any time you have an area of expertise that you would like to share, please contact us and/or show up to the next in-person or online meeting. Incorporating perspectives and expert testimony from our physician peers is vital to the YPS so that we can advocate with the most accurate and up-to-date information available. Your testimony is important to us! If you are willing to be contacted to provide input on future resolutions that apply to your specialty, please leave us your name and contact information. We post meeting information and the latest on policy resolutions being considered at this site's News & Materials page. Of course, if you notice areas for improvement in your practice or health care in general - and it’s not already addressed at our OSMA policy compendium—then contact us, and our Section Delegate and Alternate Delegate will work with you to construct our own policy resolution for consideration at the next House of Delegates (HOD) meeting. Have you found areas of our policy that are incomplete or outdated? Same process! When in doubt, contact us.
  • How can I see what policies/topics are being discussed at the annual meeting?
    For all of the most up-to-date information regarding upcoming meetings—including policy agendas—please review our news & materials at
  • Are there ways to get involved other than OSMA's Annual Meeting?
    Yes, there are committees (Focused-Task Force on State Legislation, Membership Committee, Council, Medical Education Foundation Task Force, etc.) There are also events throughout the year. Wellness/resilience seminars, networking events (virtual and in person, when appropriate). You can also get involved in our Political Action Committee (PAC), which analyzes candidates for elected office, forms relationships, and decides which candidates we will support in elections. We will have YPS specific events in the future, especially when in-person gatherings are once again safe. We are always looking for ideas, so please contact us with your thoughts!
  • Does it cost extra to get involved?
    You must have an active OSMA membership to get involved, but the Annual Meeting is free. Most of our YPS events are also free to OSMA members, and there aren’t any added fees to be a YPS member. Honestly, the only added cost is your valuable time, and we are so grateful for your efforts in support of our patients and colleagues.
  • What can the OSMA YPS do for me as an early career practicing physician? What gives my membership value?
    Our OSMA YPS strives to provide a unified voice for young Ohio physicians under 40 or within the first 8 years of their practice (post training). This voice is critical to the policy-making arm of our OSMA and its advocacy efforts in Columbus. Whether it’s wins on important issues like Out of Network Balance Billing, APP Scope of Practice, helping you navigate a global pandemic, protecting your freedom to do what’s best for your patients, or helping you through difficult contract negotiations, our OSMA saves our members a tremendous amount of time and money so that you can focus on your patients and the growth of your practice. What’s more, our YPS voice is critical in shaping the education and benefit offerings of our OSMA. Just since 2017—with your help—we have brokered exclusive loan refinancing deals for our members that will save you thousands, as well as insurance and CME offerings that are of the highest quality and value. Finally, our OSMA YPS allows its members a unique opportunity to network around the state, share best practices, seek mentors in similar specialties and practice types, and band together to protect our profession from myriad and dynamic existential threats. Whether we like it or not, non-physicians are making decisions every day that directly impact how we are allowed to treat our patients. We want to give you a seat at those decision making tables. Our patients and our profession depend on it.
  • Who are our YPS members? (ie: total number, number of fields, percentage MD/DOs, cities/counties represented, etc.)"
    We are currently working on obtaining updated demographic data for our section. Check back soon for further details!
  • How has the YPS perspective impacted OSMA policy, initiatives or offerings?"
    Our section is brand new! Of course OSMA Young Physicians have always had a significant impact on the policy and proceedings of the organization. However, this specific impact has not yet been measured. Nevertheless, we are the future of this profession, and our opinion/perspective is critical to how OSMA policy will impact our careers. Now that we have our own organized voice within OSMA, we have the opportunity to make our mark. Get involved today!
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