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OSMA's Mentorship Program

Are you an early career physician looking to connect with a seasoned practitioner on a regular basis for career advice?

Are you a seasoned physician looking to give back by helping young physicians get their careers off to a great start?

Let’s face it, the first few years of medical practice can be daunting. From establishing a patient community to keeping up with clinical advancements to learning the administrative tasks that come with medicine, and finding the right work/life balance, young physicians have a lot on their plate.

OSMA is committed to helping our newest physicians get their practice off on the right foot.

To build on this, we’re excited to offer our OSMA Mentorship Program. Through this program, we pair OSMA members under the age of 40 and/or in their first 8 years of practice with a more-experienced physician.

Throughout the year, OSMA will support mentors and mentees with the following:

  • Monthly emails with suggested conversation topics and reminders about OSMA resources

  • Check-ins to make sure the mentor/mentee relationship is a good fit

  • Virtual and/or in-person activities and events planned for everyone in the Mentorship Program





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