YPS Elections

Candidate Information:

Delegate: Tani Malhotra

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Personal Statement:

I started my involvement in organized medicine in my second year of residency when I attended my first Pennsylvania Medical Association meeting. I realized that my voice was important and that physicians needed to be present and engaged in making the policies that impact us. This first meeting catapulted my involvement in advocacy at every level.

During my residency I had the privilege to get involved in multiple medical organizations involving advocacy work. I worked at the institutional, county, and state level to advocate for my patients and my fellow residents and fellows. At the county level, I was a Board Member of the York County Medical Society (YCMS) I served as the liaison between YCMS and the residents at the hospitals in York County. I was elected to be on the Board of Trustees of PAMED and then joined the delegations to the American Medical Association. Being involved with organized medicine gave me the opportunity to serve my patients and colleagues through medicine, health care policy, advocacy and systems changes. I have served on the AMA – International Medical Graduates Governing Council where I represented the needs of our IMG colleagues and I served as the Chair of the AMA-Resident Fellow Section. I currently serve on the Health Policy and Advocacy Committee for the Society of Maternal Fetal Medicine, and on their Board of Directors. This past year, I was nominated by the AMA to represent residents and fellows of the Board of Directors of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

I feel that my passion for medicine coupled with my history of advocacy and administrative experience makes me a perfect fit for this position. My experience in the organized medicine as well as my track record of successfully drafting and passing policy, leadership experience at the hospital, county, state, and national level will make me an asset to the YPS leadership. I therefore, humbly request your vote for the YPS Delegate to OSMA.

Should you have any additional questions or would like to speak with me personally please feel free to email me at tanimalhotra@gmail.com and I promise to find time to speak with you.

Alternate Delegate: Adam Young

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Personal Statement:

As a physician with an undergraduate and graduate business background, I’m interested in pursuing all avenues to help address the clinical, economic, regulatory, and operational challenges facing the young physicians of the Great State of Ohio. I am already a member of the OSMA Focused Task Force on State Legislation and am looking to further serve my local community of professionals.

Chair Elect: Chris Wee

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Personal Statement:


I am excited to announce my candidacy for Chair-Elect of the Ohio State Medical Association Young Physician Section (YPS)!

Although I am currently finishing up my fellowship training out of state, I will be starting my career as a medical oncologist at Cleveland Clinic this summer. My wife and I are excited to return to Ohio, having completed my residency training here a few years ago. Over my decade-long involvement in organized medicine, I have had the opportunity to lead at all levels across multiple states, including as Chair of the OSMA Resident and Fellow Section (RFS) and currently Chair of the American Medical Association RFS. Throughout these experiences, I have learned a lot from listening to colleagues across Ohio and our nation.

As young physicians, we continue to share priorities that we had during our medical school and residency training, including an emphasis improving public health outcomes and eliminating disparities. But as we entered practice, we were introduced to additional challenges. These include evolving employment models, burdensome maintenance of certification processes, increasing insurance bureaucracy, and scope of practice creep.

I wish I could tell you I knew the answers to these complex issues; of course, I do not. But through the experiences I have and the relationships I have made, I will be able to maximize the influence of our section so we can advocate tirelessly for our generation of young physicians and the patients we serve.

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope I can earn your support.


Member at Large: Neil Bansal

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Personal Statement:

I would like to apply for a position as Member at Large with the YPS of the OSMA.

Now more than ever, our country is becoming increasingly polarized, with little common ground amongst competing interests. Issues which threaten the health, wellbeing, and livelihood of ordinary everyday citizens are under political and organizational pressure from both sides of the political spectrum, much of which may achieve a political or social goal but leave the average person worse off. Putting food on the table, caring for and schooling children, filling prescriptions, and receiving healthcare have unfortunately become luxuries to many people in a divided and pandemic-plagued society.

A byproduct of such tensions is that providers, whose mission is to serve those in need, get caught in the middle of both political and regulatory hurdles. Difficulty in caring for patients, delivering prescriptions, and nursing the ill has been compounded by additional burdens not directly related to those tasks.

If I can do my part to help those who we are obliged to serve and to help ourselves do so, then I will find a way to. I believe the opportunity to serve as a Member at Large with the YPS of OSMA is a platform to advocate for our patients and our profession. I wish to utilize the position to advocate for improved health quality and literacy as well as help provide a voice to the practitioners that the organization represents.

Thank you for your consideration,

Neil K Bansal, MD


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Election Schedule:

April 9, 2021
Elections occur virtually during YPS Business Meeting at OSMA Annual Meeting

Positions Available Include:

(3-year term)

The chair shall direct the activities, business and development of the OSMA-YPS. This is a one-year term preceded by a year as Chair-Elect and followed by a year as Immediate Past Chair.

Member At Large 
(2-year term)

​The Member-At-Large, in coordination with the other members of the Governing Council, shall organize the annual business meeting of the YPS.

(2-year term)

The Delegate shall represent the YPS at the OSMA HOD, as the leader of the YPS delegation. The Delegate shall oversee and lead the policy-making and legislative priorities of the YPS, and shall coordinate those activities with other OSMA sections.

Alternate Delegate 
(1-year term)

Special election for only one year, due to current Alt counselor unable to fulfill the full 2 year term.
The Alternate Delegate shall assist the Delegate and preside in the absence of the Delegate or at his/her request.