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Advocacy Victories in State Budget Impacting YPS Priorities

OSMA's government relations team spent the majority of the first six months of the year advocating for a number of provisions in the state budget that passed at the end of June. We’re pleased to report that several key YPS advocacy priorities were passed and will be implemented over the next several months.

Medicaid Rate Increase

During the state budget process, the OSMA advocated for an increase in the Medicaid physician fee schedule. The final passed and signed version included language for a 5% increase. In July, OSMA staff met with Ohio Medicaid as it begins the process of rulemaking to implement the increase starting in January of 2024. In addition to the professional fee schedule, there will also be increases for ambulatory surgical center payments (ASCs), durable medical equipment (DME) and other areas your practices might bill for currently. In total, we believe that the new rates will result in more than $200 million of increased Medicaid payments to practices over an 18 month period starting in January. We will continue to provide updates throughout the summer and this fall as rate specifics as finalized.


Funding for 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline in Ohio

The OSMA helped secure nearly $47 million over the next two to continue 988 service operations at its 19 Ohio call centers. OSMA believes this funding to likely be reallocated in future budget cycles.


Protecting Physician Personal Data

The OSMA, the Academy of Medicine of Cincinnati and other medical associations collectively advocated for language in the budget that will protect Ohio physicians by ensuring that physicians’ private addresses are not posted on the medical board’s website.


Providing Free Menstrual Hygiene Products in Schools

The passed version of the state budgeted provides $5 million for menstrual hygiene products to be provided free of charge in all of Ohio public, non-public and charter schools.



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