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Young Physicians Represent Ohio at AMA meetings in Chicago & Honolulu

The June 2022 policy-making meeting of the AMA House of Delegates took place June 9-15, 2022 at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, Illinois. This was the first in-person meeting for the HOD since the November 2019 Interim Meeting. Robust Covid safety measures, including vaccination requirements and on-site pre and intra-meeting Covid testing, helped mitigate the risk of infection for attendees.

Beyond our collective policy victories, our membership in the Great Lakes States Coalition (GLSC) helps candidates from Ohio and our neighboring states in their campaigns for AMA leadership positions. This year, the two Great Lakes-endorsed and Ohio- candidates, Marilyn Heine, MD (Pennsylvania) and Betty Chu, MD (Michigan) were successfully elected to the Board of Trustees and Council on Medical Services, respectively.

In addition, the following Ohio State Medical Association YPS members play important roles in the American Medical Association and the AMA House of Delegates.

Tani Malhotra, MD International Medical Graduates Governing Council, Ohio Alternate Delegate
Michelle Knopp, MD Resolution Committee B
Crystal Tomei, MD Council on Medical Education
Alisha Reiss, MD Young Physicians Section Governing Council
John Corker, MD Ohio Delegate, Past member Council on Legislation, Past Government Relations Advocacy Fellow
Chris Wee, MD Ohio Alternate Delegate, Past National RFS Chair
Andrew Rudawsky, MD Ohio Delegate
Chris Paprzycki, MD Ohio Alternate Delegate

Your Delegation ultimately carried nine previously unconsidered resolutions from the 2020, 2021 and 2022 OSMA Annual Meetings to the AMA for consideration by the House of Delegates. The outcomes of these resolutions can be seen in the table below. As a reminder, items that are reaffirmed reset the sunset clock so that the relevant AMA policy remains in effect for ten more years.

Please contact us at any time with questions about these new policies are how they are being implemented. Many AMA activities complement current OSMA legislative issues and advocacy priorities such as Health Insurance Reform, Scope of Practice, Health Equity, Mental Health Access, and Physician Well Being.

Details of these AMA activities are included in the AMA Annual report:

Proceedings of the June 2022 Annual Meeting House of Delegate are available at:

This week, your Ohio Delegation will be traveling to Honolulu for the AMA Interim policy making meeting of its House of Delegates. Your YPS will be holding its own meeting on Friday, 11/11, and the full HOD will be meet from 11/12 – 11/15. You can access all proceedings and items of business here:

Please contact us at any time with questions, comments and opinions on any items of business. Stay tuned for another update after the meeting!



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