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YPS Makes Big Policy Impact at Recent AMA Special Meeting


The AMA House of Delegates (HOD) met virtually November 12-16, 2021. With the virtual meeting, this was again a Special Meeting of the AMA-HOD. The YPS was an active and integral part of the HOD meeting. As directed by the YPS Assembly, the section testified on 15 items of business that were considered by the AMA HOD. The YPS testified on significant issues, including equity, medical education, and public health disinformation.

Two of the resolutions authored by the Young Physicians Section addressed public health disinformation. These resolutions were combined into a single resolution that directs the AMA to collaborate with relevant health professional societies and other stakeholders to combat public health disinformation disseminated by health professionals in all forms of media and address disinformation that undermines public health initiatives. The AMA has also been directed to study disinformation disseminated by health professionals and its impact on public health and present a comprehensive strategy to address this issue with a report back at the next meeting of the House of Delegates.

Several resolutions addressed equity in healthcare. Two items passed by the HOD focused on maternal health and feminine hygiene products. The AMA will support the inclusion of medically necessary hygiene products, including but not limited to, menstrual hygiene products and diapers, within the benefits covered by appropriate public assistance programs and encourage public and private institutions as well as places of work and education to provide free, readily available menstrual care products to workers, patrons and students. With regards to maternal healthcare, a joint report by two AMA Councils as well as additional resolutions supported increasing access to healthcare for up to 12 months after pregnancy. The AMA recognizes the inequities faced by historically marginalized populations and these actions will begin to address maternal health in these communities.

Another area of importance to young physicians is support for education for medical students and residents with disabilities. The AMA will urge medical schools and GME programs to emphasize abilities rather than limitations and how to request accommodations for disabilities. The AMA will also encourage the NBME, the NBOME, ABMS member boards, and the AOA to evaluate and enhance their processes for reviewing requests for accommodations for applicants with disabilities. Furthermore, the AMA will encourage research in the area of disabilities accommodation in the medical environment.


Many other actions were taken by the HOD at this Special Meeting. For a final list of HOD actions on these items, please visit the AMA HOD website at:


Please reach out to our YPS leadership with any questions about the updates above, or with ideas for future policy initiatives!




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